Dear Mr. Trump,

In response to your call for more Norwegian immigrants:

We, 1852 Norwegians, respectfully decline.

Instead, we’ll pay for one American to move here.

Pay me to move to NorwayI am Norwegian

Why should you move to Norway?

1. There's no Trump

Although you might find suspicious traces of his hair.

2. We are the happiest country on Earth

See point 1 and the World Happiness Report.

3.We have free, universal healthcare

No, seriously. It's a basic human right.

4. We have free education

Again, basic human right.

5. We have paid parental leave

Babies are cool, parents are cooler.

6. Our nature is incredible

Fjords, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, valleys, islands, glaciers — need we go on? See google search.

7. Everyone speaks English

When we feel like speaking anyhow. We’re a bit shy, but we’ll try to open up to an american!
We could go on here, because, you know – as Trump himself would say; Norway is SO great. Like the greatest and HUGE. The best country in the world. So many good things. Great people. 👌🏻

Designed in Norway by Timely (we're hiring)

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